I'm Rebecca Ferullo, owner of TPA Photography. 

Wife, Mother, Harry Potter lover.

My husband is my best friend and I'm obsessed with our girls (one mini-me, one mini-him), our pup, and our busy little life. I wear a ton of black, change my hair often, own over 100 Harry Potter books, and live for pizza.

If you're looking for a geektastic, laid-back photographer who will get you to have fun and actually enjoy taking photos while still keeping you on time and supporting every part of your big day, I'm your girl.

I've been an artist my whole life, always trying to capture the beauty I see. I started drawing and painting at a very young age; picking up the camera was a natural progression. I enjoy Lifestyle sessions and DIY weddings, the small details, the big laughs. It's pretty normal to find me at my desk, editing long after I was supposed to come up for dinner ("Just one more photo, I swear!"), because I become so invested in a client's photos - and I love it. My family often says there's an energy and enthusiasm that radiates from me when I talk about my work, second only to my Harry Potter obsession!

Photo credit: Allan Ferullo



“We cannot thank her enough for the beautiful pictures. I'm overwhelmed by them and cannot wait to get them printed and in a photo album and on our wall. Rebecca has a way about her that we loved, we are so bad at photos but she made us feel comfortable and forget that for one day. She is officially our family photographer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

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